The essence of Bancolombia connects with its audience. But this leading Colombian bank is also looking to challenge and broaden its target audience because its approach is as broad as it is inclusive: everyone fits into the Bancolombia spectrum. That's why it decided to approach the gamer community, but not as an intruder or an opportunist, but as an entity that speaks their language, literally.

At first glance, it may seem that there is not much in common between gamers and banks. In fact, the first feeling is that the former feel zero attraction or even antipathy towards the latter. That was precisely our challenge: to get Bancolombia to engage in a relevant conversation with the gamer community and connected to their most intrinsic interests.

BUFFÉATE was activated through a landing page, content for social networks, banners and mail, and, piece by piece, demonstrated the brand's ability to adapt to different situations and its permeability to insights of any kind.

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