Inspired by our Createfulness journey and key tips to stay creative, we interpreted our creative motto into a poster design. We used the motto “Play hard. Dale duro.” Using vintage assets from the kit provided by Adobe with elements from the private collection of designer Erik Spiekermann and the Tipoteca Museum, we created a poster to go with the theme of taking a personal creative journey this summer. We’ve always admired the Bifur typography from designer A.M. Cassandre and were excited to see it in the kit. This project allowed us to use the digitized version of it  deconstruct the graphics and textures, and transform them into new  modules in Illustrator and Photoshop. Then we decided to take the design further and animate it in After Effects. The final result is playful, punchy, and summery.

#Createfulness #AdobeChallengePoster

Summer Createfulness