Utopicus is a groundbreaking company dedicated to creating shared workspaces. Gradually, they incorporated new business units, expanding the brand and making it more relevant. However, these new brands emerged organically without being synchronised with a specific visual development plan.

After a huge capital investment and opening several new territories, they needed to re-think the brand for first time.

Utopicus reached out to us to develop a new graphic identity in search of visual coherence, without changing or compromising its essence.

Utopicus Branding
The Challenge

Maintaining the essence and enhancing it from its core

Utopicus aims to improve the relationship between the space and the people who work there. So the first major change we introduced a logo that emphasised this concept: People, we, US.

The old logotype had legibility issues and could lead to phonetical problems

New logotype has clean typography, ready for digital environments, and reads more clearly.
There were three key aspects in the development of the identity:

  • Unify all current brands and sub-brands into a simple system that allowed for expansion into eventual future brands.

  • Otorgar a cada una de las marcas personalidad individual suficiente, pero que siempre se entienda cuál es la marca madre.

  • Otorgar a cada submarca un color para hacer más sencilla la diferenciación de cara al usuario.
  • The Solution

    Horizontality: in spirit and in graphics

    We couldn't design coworking spaces without thinking of their wayfinding and signage system.

    The system was simple and clear: using hairlines as space dividers ready to be used in many different layouts: from gigs to workshops and conferences.

    Horizontality is used across all different supports, even in editorial layouts.
    Utopicus Branding
    Utopicus Branding
    Horizontality at work is the idea that all people have the same possibilities, they are at the same level and have the same relevance
    Rafa de Ramón, Utopicus CEO
    Utopicus Branding

    Designing spaces that were consistent with the visual identity

    The new wayfinding system is unmistakably clear and visually appealing, so it’s ready to be used in any countries to where the brand expands.

    The iconography is going to be applied in every Utopicus property and is ready to support multilingual countries.

    A set of more complex icons were designed to solve specific problems the brand had.

    Make it Real

    Merchandise pieces are the brand expression opportunities in which Utopicus can show its more irreverent and fun side.
    Through colourful designs, ingenious copies and functional and minimalist designs, we create points of contact with which we connect users and the brand.
    Bruno Sellés, Vasava
    We prepared Utopicus for all the brand new coworking spaces they will open, but more importantly, gave them the tools they need to keep growing with consistence and strength.

    The new brand system allows Utopictus user to implement it quickly and effectively in a way any new comer can understand.
    Utopicus Branding
    Utopicus Branding

    Increase in the number of club members compared to the previous season.


    New spaces opened in Barcelona and Madrid between 2018 and 2019


    in the new Barcelona offices

    Utopicus Branding