A Symphony of Change

Mexico has a rich history of influencing Latin Pop, dating back to the 1960s. Over the years, Mexican Pop has wielded a profound impact on the Spanish-speaking world. With the advent of the internet, coupled with Mexico's cultural diversity, a new wave of musicians is emerging. This is what we call "La Pop Wave," the exciting next chapter in Mexican music.

The artists who are at the forefront of this movement refer to themselves as "la nueva ola," which inspired the name "La Pop Wave." This name embodies a fusion of global influences with a deep sense of locality. Our visual identity draws from this mix of elements, culture, and the online world.

Anchored in this genre is the universal use of analog photography. It offers a nostalgic aesthetic that resonates with listeners, evoking memories of their past. Our approach to creating the visual identity is akin to a vision board, a heartfelt tribute to nostalgia. We employ raw cutouts, doodles, and textures from everyday objects to pay homage to these artists.
La Pop Wave
The compositions exude a genuine passion for the musicians, reminiscent of the youthful enthusiasm of creating homemade collages with magazine cutouts. This approach infuses the work with a sense of deep connection and a desire to express the artists' essence with the available resources.
La Pop Wave
La Pop Wave
These diverse elements seamlessly converge to give birth to "La Pop Wave", a music scene that not only pays tribute to its roots but also serves as a compass for where this new wave of musicians is heading.
La Pop Wave