We approach branding from an end-to-end perspective: we define brand strategies, we create corporate identity, we translate everything into projects, and we mentor your brand throughout this process.
Graphic design studio in Barcelona - Vasava
We define

We identify insights and pinpoint strengths and opportunities. We build a brand mission, we delimit the territory in which the brand is positioned and we provide it with a story that serves as a common thread for any manifestation that the brand adopts.

We create

We create authentic, differential, relevant and memorable brand identities, from naming and logo design to key message interaction and campaign building.

We implement

We define and implement an omnichannel brand action plan that makes the intangible tangible and that eliminates any distance whatsoever between your brand and its image in the entire consumer journey.

We manage

We accompany you throughout the entire process of building your brand, providing ongoing advice, managing expectations and monitoring results.
We define what place your brand occupies in the consumer's mind
Branding and corporate identity design - Vasava

Branding services provided by Vasava

Brand and product naming

Having a bad name is the best help for the competition. However, a great brand name is the start of a great story. To create one, we draw on creativity. And method. And strategy. And projection.

Brand positioning and strategy

We define what place your brand occupies in the consumer's mind. That's why we help you define which attributes and benefits of your brand are relevant to them. The rest isn't built.

Slogans / taglines

Inspiring. Funny. Profound. Minimalist. As your brand requires. Of course, always designed to be remembered.

Tone of voice

Brands are constructed by people for people, so they shouldn't only have characteristics and traits that are identifiable as human, but should also interact as such. Tell me how you talk and I'll tell you who you are.
Development of marketing plans

We understand the usefulness of brands, the real purpose of business and the needs and behaviour of people to understand branding. We understand the purpose, what we want to achieve, and then we choose what to do and how to do it.

Corporate identity

Name. Logo. Tagline. Tone. Colours. Typefaces. Photography/illustration. Iconography. Stationery. Digital design (websites, social media, etc.). And all the apps you can imagine. But what we do first is to identify the soul of the brand that each one of them must encapsulate and faithfully convey.


Most market-leading companies have managed to create a strong visual identity that has significantly helped in the construction of their brand. The logo is a strategic factor that should know how to synthesise a specific soul and a unique personality that ends up becoming a crucial element for a brand to be remembered.
Brand architecture and strategy

Every brand needs a plan. Knowing what identifies you, why you exist, what you want to convey and how to do so. First, the message and the idea. Your essence and your positioning above all.

Brand architecture is one of the strategic cornerstones for the sustainable development of the brand. An appropriate architecture protects brand value, promotes efficiency, builds internal cohesion and provides a rational process for making all brand decisions.

Brand manuals

A brand manual is the utmost expression of a brand. If your brand had to live in a manual, what would it look like? For it to live in a manual, what would it look like? Each page would be like a layer of your brand.

This is a very important element because it conveys the essence of your brand in an inspiring, simple and educational way to transport whoever sees it to a world populated only by your brand's colours, typography, tone, messages and soul.

Style guides

If a brand manual includes the story that your brand tells, the style guide is an instruction book on how to tell this story: what elements are involved and the guidelines, uses and applications of them. They say that babies arrive without an instruction manual. Your brand should come into the world with one, for sure.
Design systems pave the way to efficiency
Product creation guides or licensee manuals

We create the instruction book for your brand so that any product deriving from it and executed by a supplier is created according to its idiosyncrasies and can be considered 'official'.

Sound branding

Our brain perceives auditory stimuli before visual ones. We can close our eyes, but not our ears. Sound branding sets out to guarantee a solid branding thanks to sound being a rich and versatile channel capable of meeting goals of: ease of perception, focalisation of attention, construction of reputation, brand image and memory, virality, generation of desire and emotional experience.
A sound works as the perfect complement to a visual logo, reflecting its character and accentuating the brand attributes that we want to portray as well as possible.

Design systems

Design systems pave the way to efficiency. A design system involves rules, telling us what can be done in a project and how. It's a collection of model objects and the relationships created between them according to said standards. Based on these objects, other gradually more complete components can be built. We build them and work from them, guaranteeing consistency and efficiency while creating a common language among everyone working on the project.
Branding and corporate identity design - Vasava
Content strategy

How do I reach more people (reputation)? What kind of content should I offer (relevance)? How can I motivate and retain customers? We help you answer all these questions, but don't forget that we always need to answer other questions beforehand: Why do I exist? What do I offer that's relevant to users?
If you build your brand by investing in short-term communication campaigns, it's very easy to fall into non-differentiation, get blinded by trends and turn your brand into a Frankenstein without identity or direction.

Content production

We take care of planning your content strategy. And also producing and overseeing the execution of each of its elements.

Brand activations

Brand activations help us create a direct relationship with the consumer through non-traditional communication actions. But non-traditional is also very good for us. We like disruptive more than a Pokémon Go addict likes a mobile.

Brand auditing

We examine the healthiness of your brand within the market. And taking care of this health doesn't just mean applying the logo correctly in all your materials. Taking care of it involves making sure that it still means something to someone and creating value and differentiation. We study everything from positioning, market trends and USPs to the user relationship at each point of contact. From there, we define opportunities, we prepare a diagnosis and we prescribe what your brand needs.


The audience is tired of excessively corporate texts, jargon, bragging and texts written in parrot fashion.
You need to be different. You need to convince people in a world where more and more competitors are being born. Copywriting and words are a vital tool to achieve what today seems almost impossible: persuading the audience.

Branding and corporate identity design - Vasava