The dark side of the club

Although the first recorded use of the word techno as a reference to a genre of music dates from the 80s, for the past two years, it has been fueled by a new wave of ravers, who have influenced not only the music but also the scene. 

With a global audience of over 2 million followers, Techno Bunker is Spotify’s biggest techno playlist. Its bass-heavy synthesised beats and loops transport listeners to the undergrounds of some of the most infamous and versatile clubs. It’s a well-honed playlist where emerging artists share the space with consolidated names such as Space 92, Charlotte de Witte, Mark Dekoda, Joyhauser, Amelie Lens, Lilly Palmer, and Belocca.

In a subculture where artists are revered for their sound rather than their face value, their identities fade into the shadows, allowing the music to take centre stage. The anchored basslines and drumbeats are surrounded by a dark aesthetic where black is the dominating colour and light has been denied entry. 
To preserve the secrecy and distorted reality associated with the genre, we avoided using images of the artist and instead turned to the blurred silhouettes on the dance floor. We chose black-and-white granulated images for the covers and bold typography to stand tall over. We also added subtle details like the white knobs at the top right corner to represent the mixers.
Since Germany has long been an epicenter of the genre, we wanted the visual identity to encapsulate the essence of venues like the so-called temple of techno, Berghain. A place where techno worshippers dance in a trance, lost to the rhythm, their identities swallowed by the darkness. Where each beat from the speakers reverberates through the intangible textures created by smoke machines and strobe lights. Where reality fades and time is an elusive concept.
Techno Bunker
Techno Bunker
The chosen imagery and elements that form the new identity aim to immerse you amongst the sweat-drenched bodies and succumb to the rough and ecstasy-fueled beats of a genre that still rings loud and true to this day.
Techno Bunker
Techno Bunker