Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully in a certain style. Calligraphy is defined as the art of beautiful and correct handwriting, associated with writing with brushes, fountain pens or bamboo, among others. However, typography is a set of characters that share a style.

The expressive power of the calligrapher's pulse helps us give a text a human voice. The historical context or state of mind, as well as other aspects, also define and stylistically reinforce each of the details of the morphology of the calligraphic text.

We've produced many works of calligraphy, including those for Adobe and Apple Music, or the headlines for Mango's fashion publications.
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Hand-drawn letters. No more and no less.

Lettering is the art of drawing letters.It's all about creating compositions with letters that aren't written, but drawn. This is the side with the most expressiveness of design with text. Letters burst into life and become intricate, swift, catchy, solid or volatile.

We're in a new golden age of lettering. There are many brands that choose this technique to appeal to their followers. This discipline offers hundreds of possibilities to emphasise certain messages, adding personality, expressiveness and double meanings to the texts they illustrate.

We've created numerous styles of lettering for a whole host of customers, from the designs made for Nike for several of its product ranges (Nike Air, Nike Basketball, Young Athletes or Nike Running) or regular collaborations with leading publications such as The Washington Post, Wired or Yorokobu.

Recapping: Much more than aesthetics

The key reason why many people still think that design is only for certain brands is because they think it's a discipline that only concerns aesthetic beauty.

Design has traditionally been understood as the final part (aesthetic value) of the process of defining and creating a service or product. This vision split the disciplines into four areas: product design; visual communication; information or interface design; and the design of spaces.

For us, design is also part of the initial stretch of the conception of a product, as it's the most appropriate way to conceive products that work. Full stop.

In our opinion, design transcends the mere aesthetic value. Design pinpoints challenges and creates opportunities when a new product or service is being created. It's an end-to-end tool that from the most embryonic moment helps boost companies, brands and projects and take them to another level.
On top of all that, we firmly believe that design is a transformative tool that helps us evolve and move brands and society forward through the use of ideas.
Graphic design agency Services - Vasava