The supermarket is the place where design abounds. Vasava doesn't only live off supermarket packaging, but we are aware of the challenge that these stores pose visually and graphically when we try to create differentiation, identity and personality on never-ending shelves full of colours, letters, shapes, boxes, packets, jars, bottles, bags, labels, and so on. If we succeed with this challenge, we're ready to take on everything in our stride. Amen.

More than containers.

The link between human intelligence and physical reality is set through the perceptive multisensory faculty of human beings. All the things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch outline our experiences, thoughts and learnings; they're the stimuli from which our own intelligence is constructed and the way in which we perceive the world around us.

In the retail environment, with so much saturation of sensory stimuli, the design and the creation of the visual identity of products and their packaging are advertising mediums that play a vital strategic role for brands. But why's that? Because of how these elements can convey a product type and brand identity at a truly decisive moment: the moment of purchase.
Indeed, in its strictest definition, packaging is the science, the art and the technology of containing or protecting products for their distribution, storage, sale, and use. Great packaging design needs to present the contents in a clear and quantifiable way, while protecting them in such a way that they remain in optimal conditions for the consumer until the time of consumption. What's more, it must be designed and produced to make transport, storage and display as easy as possible. The truth and nothing but the truth. But don't go yet, there's still more to come.

Today's demands and consumer behaviour – new product formats, usability of packaging or environmental impact, among others – have contributed greatly to the decisive role of advertising in packaging.

Packaging has become much more than something to contain, preserve and transport certain products, as it's the visual expression of a message. From this point of view, packaging is an authentic and valuable marketing tool in a consumer market where the characteristics, quality and price of products can be very similar.
Our vision is global.

We're specialists in studying each project from end to end:

  • We analyse the market and detect trends. We then look for ways to generate relevance for the target audience through functional, aesthetic and added-value tools.
  • Fully aware of the advertising power of packaging as described above, we don't approach these projects in an independent and isolated way, but we work with all the other elements within the customer's branding strategy, because we have the chance to underpin them even more.
Selling a Japanese perfume isn't the same as selling a French champagne or a Mexican soya smoothie. The products don't resemble each other in the slightest and neither do the brand messages.
Product design and Packaging - Vasava
Japanese perfume. French champagne. Mexican smoothie.

But we've seen in these three cases, and many more, that our experience endorses us when it comes to packs, packaging, products and labels.

Although we tend to work more with the food, beverages and perfume industries, we have in-depth knowledge of the market and the experience required to work out the specific codes for each segment and how to deal with demand and cover the detected market niches. The knowledge, experience and versatility that they all entail. In this case, though, we couldn't overlook something that is truly ours: we firmly believe that the success of packaging design, beyond the blessed eight seconds, lies in its creation covering the minutest detail of the entire process.
Product design and Packaging - Vasava