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C. Tangana, Yung Beef, Rosalia or La Zowi. Love them or hate them, you can't ignore them.

These are only a sample of the most exciting Spanish musical generation of our time. The keys to understand this generational landscape are collected in Making Flu$, a book by El Bloque, published by Penguin Random House, which deciphers the gestation, growth and evolution of this new music scene which touches #trap, #urban and other #hard to label movements.

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Making Flu$
This book is made up of the stories of over 50 interviewees, the texts of Alicia Álvarez Vaquero, Daniel Madjody, David Camarero, Blanca Martínez, Aleix Mateu, Aïda Camprubí and Quique Ramos, the art direction of Carlos Pamplinas, the photographs of Alba Rupérez, the memes of Trapgame Edits, a prologue by La Zowi and an epilogue by Alizzz, as well as our design and layout.
Making Flu$
A book that talks about a revolution and which is written by this many hands, had to go far beyond the classic model of running text. We let go of that and went for a multiplatform approach, with a design that was contaminated by social media, meme culture, and the photographs of Alba Rupérez.

Each chapter was treated as its own ad hoc continent and became its own independent unit, capable of standing by itself. This allows you to read the book in whatever way you want, not only linearly.
Our goals with this editorial design was twofold: achieve a design that enabled newbies to become acquainted with this musical scene, and to get the masters in the subject to feel completely at home.
Making Flu$
Photos: Alba Rupérez
Making Flu$