Kodeco is the new raywenderlich.com, a learning platform that supports mobile developers at every stage of their career, from creating their first app to becoming industry experts.

They already have more than 5,000 videos, created by expert developers from all over the world. As they continued to grow and to make their community more accessible, they needed to completely change the look and feel of their brand.

In order to make this right, we couldn't lose sight of its essence and the purpose for which it was created. So we had to change everything without changing the most important thing: the community.


Everything starts with a K

We were looking for a name that would be easier to pronounce and remember, that would sound the same in different languages. So we decided on Kodeco, which is a neologism, a made-up word in which the concepts of Community, Code and Echo resonate.

In the logo, the letter K is the main component. The rounded squares that form the letter remind us of the modules used in development platforms. We use this feature in order to build a system suitable for different types of content.
Kodeco Rebranding
We designed a specific style of iconography to represent different types of content, but we also define a colour code for the different platforms they cover. Each icon stands for a theme and the colour defines the icon specific platform. So, we have orange as the main brand colour and 13 different colours for every specific product. Based on this system, we proposed the templates for their videos.
Kodeco Rebranding
Kodeco Rebranding
For more editorial content, such as books and website assets, we developed a series of 3D visuals. In them, large textures and close up details alternate. We create them in different colours so that they can be applied according to the platform.
Kodeco Rebranding
Finally we applied every aspect of their new visual identity into the look and feel of their social media content and their website.
In this way, Ray Wenderlich becomes Kodeco and kodeco.com, the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in the world of developers.
Kodeco Rebranding