A hero’s journey through the creative process

Barcelona's OFFF festival is a globally renowned event that showcases the latest trends and developments in design. It provides a platform for creative individuals and artists to explore their imagination and fuel their creativity. Working with OFFF is always an opportunity to expand our minds and let our creative juices flow.

We had the privilege of rebranding and designing the visual identity for last year's edition. However, for #OFFF2023, we wanted to create something that truly reflected the audience's experience during the three-day event. Therefore, we collaborated with Found Studio and Combustion Studio to develop the entire campaign.


An ever-changing identity

Our approach to the whole re-branding we did in 2022 was to ensure that it could be consistently applied throughout the festival. However, we didn't want to limit it to just a logo-centric identity that could be placed in different applications. Instead, we aimed to integrate the logo into the overall visual system, making it adaptable and flexible for future iterations of the festival.
OFFF 2023

The beauty of starting simple

Our starting point for this year's campaign was a simple 3D shape - the cube - from there, we transformed the hero's journey into a voyage of its own. Our hero character, CUBE, represents OFFF's diverse audience, and each new area it explores represents the learning experience of OFFF's talks and workshops. Through thoughtful animation and behavior, our curious hero navigates the six stages of the creative process that make up each chapter.
We worked closely with Found Studio to develop the narrative and the different stages that our hero would traverse. We needed to capture the look and feel of Barcelona's Design Hub and architecture while evoking different emotions for each space. Furthermore, CUBE had to undergo a genuine journey and emerge victorious in the end.
We collaborated with Combustion Studio to create the sound effects and music that would effectively communicate CUBE's experience. They did a fantastic job of bringing the character and the surroundings to life.
The 22nd edition of OFFF drew in 4,500 visitors per day from 65 countries. The festival featured a lineup of 78 extraordinary speakers from around the world, as well as workshops, masterclasses, live painting sessions, music and audiovisual performances, and incredible vibes. 

What's great about creating the rebranding and this campaign, is that it allowed us to have a lot of creative freedom throughout the project, and...
it was an opportunity to nurture our own creative souls.
OFFF 2023
OFFF 2023