A digital heaven for perfume enthusiasts

Wikiparfum is an online platform created by Puig that connects over 20,000 perfume references with data on more than 1,400 ingredients. It provides a unique experience by helping users discover their own olfactory profile. From the outset, our approach was to create a playful and simple platform that fulfills its purpose and facilitates user experience.

Wikiparfum's website is designed with a focus on simplicity and organization, featuring a clean, sans-serif typography and geometrically-framed photographs that always respect the grid. On the homepage, users can easily access information on fragrances, ingredients, notable perfumers, and a blog providing the latest news and trends in the industry.

The olfactory wheel

Wikiparfum's olfactory profile is customized to each user's taste, represented on an olfactory wheel. Each fragrance is connected to an olfactory family and ingredients, displayed with visual aids such as pictures and color labels. This user-friendly tool enables individuals to discover new personalized scents that align with their preferences. The wheel design is structured and sleek, featuring clean sans serif typography and geometric shapes that adhere to a grid layout, enhancing the overall user experience.
Through a comprehensive search function, users can find fragrances by name, brand, olfactory family, and top, heart, and base notes. One unique feature of the platform is the ability to search by specific ingredients, making it easy to discover new fragrances based on their favorite scents.

Wikiparfum app

To complete the experience, we also developed an app that gives you everything you see on the website, plus a tool to scan the barcode of any perfume so you can see a full description of the fragrance wherever you are.

Social Media

In addition to the online platform, we took the visual identity to social media with an Instagram account. This aspect of the project aimed to promote the platform and its unique features to a broader audience, requiring a strong visual identity and a consistent posting strategy.
Our goal was to highlight the design principles behind Wikiparfum’s engine by delivering an intuitive interface to promote an engaging and personalized user experience.