A Trippy Wonderland for Adobe

Our collaboration with Adobe and OFFF Festival continues to evolve, strengthening our bond and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

For this year's event hosted at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, Adobe commissioned us to craft an immersive experience through a booth installation. We used Laura Normand's illustrations to curate the space and created the walls, which served as canvases for the artist's creations.

Adobe Booth - OFFF 2024
Extending the visual narrative, we integrated the artwork into vinyl flooring and various communication materials, encompassing static and motion graphics designed for social media platforms and the booth's screens.
Adobe Booth - OFFF 2024
To ensure full engagement from attendees, we developed an interactive installation centered around Adobe’s AI, Firefly. Within this setup, participants had the opportunity to design their own scarves, engage in hands-on crafting activities such as personalizing diaries or making bracelets. The most exciting aspect was the “Prompt Battle” where participants were challenged to compete using Firefly to generate surprising and striking versions of provided examples.
In essence, our collaboration with Adobe transcended the traditional boundaries of a marketing booth, becoming an immersive journey where
art and technology converged to captivate and inspire all who attended the festival.
Adobe Booth - OFFF 2024
Art director: Bozidar Novakovic, Fanny Engrand
Marketing Manager: Natalia Lopez- Beswick
EMEA Event Experience: Nathalie Koutia
Arist: Laura Normand