The Maculkins is a collaborative, international and CC platform made for sharing a tiny dose of encouragement in the midst of this overdose of home, covid19, face-masks and de-escalation phases; a way to demonstrate that if Macaulay Culkin could deal with his confinement then so can we.

Any creator can contribute to this platform by uploading their humor pill in the form of illustrations or photographs accompanied by a microtext to the homepage

We can all enjoy these creations on the platform’s instagram @themaculkins

The Maculkins

Many have been Maculkins.

Over 50 creators all over the world have contributed to The Maculkins, and with their art helped us bring a silver lining to these strange times. Our thanks to:

Rita Goulão, Miguel Mesquita, Cinta Hosta, Bruno Sellés, Daniel Castrillón, Edgar Capella, Claudia Mussett, Leila Méndez, Sheila Hattaf, Flanlog, Pierre Patán, Albert Regadera, Roger Ferrero, Joan Tarragó, Maria Carlos Cardeiro, Amaranta Miralbell, @thelastdiego, Eduardo Miera, Cristina Fernandéz, Wete, I am Nuria, Cinthya Fung, @donuts_nrcrw, Jim Palacio, @itspotx, Andoni Beristain, David Cubero, Justin Case, Ester Pino, Pink Morro, Lluís Campmajó, Bubbles, Xavi Palouzié, Akesi Martinez, @jongramblas, Pablo Fernández del Castillo, DAQ, Rin_Rin, Chini, Miquel Vila, Carlos Castro Miranda, Javier Ramos, Hector Valdivia.
The Maculkins
The Maculkins