The soundtrack of gaming

Gamers need concentration, precision and music to accompany them in the gameplay. With this insight, gaming itself becomes a listening context that is driven by adrenaline, focus and victory.

Spotify created Top Gaming Tracks to take you through the game, a playlist created explicitly for gaming. In it you will find several genres; High BPM, EDM/Dance, Hip-Hop... but to cover more specific genres or themes, they also created other playlists separately; Hip-Hop Controller, Ultimate Pop Gaming, Now Loading, Startselect...

With all these options within the same context, they found the need to define the variety within a generic, and is where we came in again, but this time to design the system of several playlists under the same concept: gaming.

The visual identity of Top Gaming Tracks had to be powerful enough to mobilize gamers of all levels and playing styles. It also had to be able to define the visual not by a musical genre but by a listening context.
Spotify TGT
Our starting point was the head-up display or HUD, that is, the screen that shows you the energy levels, life, ammo and location of your avatar during the game.

We used the aesthetics of one of the most recognizable elements of video games to create a series of frames that surround the artists as if they were avatars. Meanwhile, the lockup (playlist title) uses Spotify's corporate typography and includes hearts, rays or stars, as if they were the counter of lives, energy and power. Also, as part of the identity of this playlist, we added a crosshair that works as a symbol of the playlist.
Spotify TGT
Following Spotify's color palette, Citric is the color that defines the flagship Top Gaming Tracks, and for the rest of the playlists defined by genre or theme, we use other selection of colors.
Thus we have given Top Gaming Tracks an identity to live up to its name and a system to recognize, regardless of genre or theme, that it is a playlist to be played.
Spotify TGT
Spotify TGT