Socialpoint is a video game developer and publisher, specialised in mobile gaming. It was created in Barcelona as a startup in 2008 and is today one of the most renowned companies in the industry worldwide.

"We have fun together, creating fun for everyone". This is the company's philosophy. We were invited to bid for a tender to overhaul its website and make it a way of attracting people who want to join their fun team.

The challenge
The challenge was to build a website focused on recruitment and show how appealing it is to work at Socialpoint and in Barcelona, without this preventing the brand from showcasing its products to other potential audiences on the website.

This initial challenge was complemented with a second one: how to make a restyling of the logo and the corporate image that is consistent with the current one and, at the same time, evolves it.
Our proposal featured various ingredients that crowned it the winner of the tender.
We decided to create a modular, fresh and easy-to-use design that would make browsing enjoyable. The characters of the games created at Socialpoint presided over some of these modules to add to this fun graphic tone and to give the website a truly unique personality.
Socialpoint Website and Rebranding
Socialpoint Website and Rebranding
For the first time ever in history (;P), the About section featured not just interesting but relevant and attractive corporate information, especially for people potentially interested in a job offer at Socialpoint. The website includes direct access to openings at the company and the option to send an application via Join us.

We harmoniously integrated the company's technological profile and its ultimate goal: to sell games.
We also added real-life testimonials, making the Socialpoint website a much more human platform, both in terms of concept and of design and copy.
Our work raised other concerns at Socialpoint. What if they actually needed something more than a new website? We were commissioned by a branding consultancy to help them redefine its personality as a company, on the one hand, and as creators, on the other, and with which we rewrote its brand book and its visual language together.
The new logo proposal was a restyling of the existing one: we respected its essence (colours and three vertices) while injecting it with some abstraction. The typeface was based on the Exo font that we simplified, reducing the height of the descenders, keeping the ascenders the same, accentuating the curves and rounding the tips, which all resulted in a softer, friendlier, more technological and more compact end typeface.
Socialpoint Website and Rebranding
Socialpoint Website and Rebranding