Slowfish introduces an innovative approach to purchasing and enjoying  seafood by offering both an online store and a physical store. This streamlined concept of a fishmonger simplifies and upgrades the process of buying and consuming fresh fish and seafood.

Gemma and Joan, both from a fifth-generation fishing family, have developed this project that takes their family business to new heights while preserving the high-quality standards that have always defined their brand.

To better convey Slowfish's identity as a business of inventive craftsmen, we sought to develop a visual identity that embodies both tradition and innovation, honesty and agility, while also staying ahead of the curve in terms of adaptability. 

Slowfish's visual identity is a fresh take on the conventional look of the seafood industry. The graphic system takes inspiration from the intricate lines found in marine topographic maps and the sinuous veins of fish fillets.

The logo features a combination of two typefaces, a serif and a sans typeface, to symbolize the blend of innovation with a strong foundation of experience. This concept is reinforced by the inclusion of the year of the company's establishment at the top of the logo.
By combining these two elements with an elegant color palette dominated by shades of gray, black, white, and beige, the brand and its products exude a premium image with enhanced value.

Vacuum packaging has been selected as the preferred option for packaging due to its ability to preserve the quality of the food. Additionally, its minimal appearance closely resembles unpackaged products, ensuring an appealing presentation.
The physical store has been built from scratch, with a reimagined design that breaks away from the traditional fishmonger aesthetic. The store features high-quality materials such as wood and incorporates innovative technologies like a video wall to create a modern and inviting atmosphere.
An easily navigable website has been established to enhance the visibility of products and showcase the brand's unique value proposition. The website main focus on e-commerce offers an online store along with a blog and a detailed section outlining the family's history since 1980. We also art directed the photography of the products to show them in the best way possible. 
Online communication is reinforced by presence on social media, where the day-to-day activities of the fishmonger's shop are showcased, the fresh products of the week are highlighted, and even menu ideas are shared.
Slowfish's new identity and values showcase that purchasing fresh, high-quality seafood can be align with our contemporary lifestyles.