The future is not born, it is made at OFFF

OFFF began its trajectory in 2000 as a festival that welcomes creators, artists, theoreticians, students, fans and people interested in new forms of art, design and creativity.

During the last 20 years, the festival has gained strength and has consolidated a large community with 1.5 million digital impressions, although its greatest achievement has been to bring together in a single space professionals from more than 660 companies.

After the last edition, which took place in 2021 in a virtual space (a complicated year for events), OFFF decided to adapt to the new reality in order to transcend. Thus, it ceased to be a festival to become a brand; a way of understanding art, a community and a common trademark for any format it may want to pursue.

As a voice of innovation and forward thinking, OFFF needed a flexible identity with personality, capable of adapting to what the future will entail, without losing strength and consistency. With this challenge in mind, we started working on the genetic metamorphosis of the brand.
OFFF is inspiration, admiration and surprise. Our concept is that if OFFF is OHHH, then OHHH is OFFF! The name itself becomes its onomatopoeia to express the spirit of the brand, which we complement with a new speech which doesn't say what it is, but explains through the juxtaposition of two ideas how it feels:
"We are not preachers. We spread the word of inspiration."
"We are not fanatics. We are devotees."
"We are not fortune tellers. We see the future."
OFFF Visual Identity
With this idea, we developed a visual system that is composed of a false-logo, with a variable weight typography, designed to emphasize the OHHH! concept, especially in digital applications.

The most important part of this system is that it works as a container. This was designed so that in each new edition the OFFF invites an artist to make their interpretation of the expression and emotion OHHH OFFF!
In the Barcelona 2022 edition, we were in charge of launching the new identity with our interpretation, which was to create mofffsters. Our goal was to create a provocative, strange and ASMR effect. For this, we had the help of FOREAL, a 3D and motion studio in Germany, who helped us give life and personality to our creatures. We also counted with the help of Echoic, a Music and Sound studio in England, who were in charge of giving personality to the creatures through sound, as well as providing sound for the expression OHHH OFFF!
In conclusion, we were able to give shape, from a daring approach, to a brand with an international influence on the future of art, design and creativity without resorting to any psychic.
Things that are truly worthwhile do not need predictions, but hands that are willing to make things happen.
Concept & Design: VASAVA
3D & Animation: FOREAL
Music & Sound: ECHOIC

Photos at location by Chris Milne.