The home of the NFT 2.0

NFTs are here to stay. These Non-Fungible Tokens have changed the digital economy forever. Thanks to Blockchain technology and its decentralization methods, it is now possible to create non-replicable digital items, thus guaranteeing that the ownership of an item belongs to the person who bought it.

In other words, limited editions have arrived on the Internet, they have revolutionized the commercialization of art and in general, our conception of culture. In this context, there are brave people who are already going a step further and betting on the next generation of NFTs: the NFT 2.0 or living assets, NFTs that can evolve and change, allowing the owner to generate a much deeper bond with their acquisition. And that's where comes in as a platform that enables creators to implement NFTs 2.0. A home for living assets.


The Challenge

What will the next generation of NFTs look like? What does a live asset look like? Developing the visual identity and website of a platform of the future is no easy task, but it is a very attractive challenge to say the least.

The Solution

Being Freeverse an active tool of creation and evolution, the identity is based on a series of elements built by nodes that adapt and mutate over time, these are the materialization of what a live asset or NFT 2.0 can mean.
The logo and its contraction are linked to those nodes making use of the dot and abstracting the idea of Blockchain as an element of security and construction of the world of digital assets.
The color palette is predominantly digital like the environment in which the brand develops, its colors explore the range of light possible in this space and uses a vibrant and powerful mix that evidences it.
All these elements make this identity generate a changing universe, capable of adapting to the challenges that the future of NFTs presents us, with an incipient metaverse and a very promising emerging culture.
There is a very interesting road ahead and Freeverse is ready to walk it.