Data at the brink of change

In 2021, Adobe struck back with its Digital Trends Report, the annual digital analysis report they create along Ecosultancy and in which they use data with the goal to help their customers create consumer experiences that really hit the spot.

2020 was a year of unprecedented changes. For this reason, the 2021 report wanted to capture the present from two perspectives: what changed with the impact of the pandemic and what companies plan for 2021. Thus, a very recent past and a rather uncertain present came together to show us the major digital challenges facing the business sector from 2021 and beyond.

Adobe Digital Trends Report 2021

The Challenge

As usual, Adobe needed to make the large amount of data that this report compiles easily understandable for the reader. It was not only a matter of equipping it with a visual identity consistent with the brand, but also of making that identity attractive and educational, so that users would be eager to consume all the information and share it.
Web experience in partnership with Accurat.
Adobe Digital Trends Report 2021

The Solution

Adobe Trends 2021 tells the story of a complex reality, with many layers of information that intertwine to form a shifting landscape. That's why we decided to illustrate the changing trends in the digital sector through translucent geometric shapes, which overlap and interact with one another to reveal their meaning.

The geometric shapes also helped us to create a very intuitive web experience, which gave the user the chance to customize the visualization of the different sets of data and relate them to each other, according to the specific interests of each reader.
The result is a dynamic and agile visual solution that not only goes along with the information, but also complements and adds value to it. In other words, it turns data into an almost perfect snapshot of the post-pandemic era.