Digital Impact is more than an exhibition; it is an art and design experience that transcends the boundaries between the physical and virtual world.

Directed by Pep Salazar and curated by Héctor Ayuso, Digital Impact
is a disruptive radiography of the current state of digital art and design, located at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona. To carry out this ambitious project in our city, the creators of OFFF entrusted us with the development of the entire visual identity for the exhibition.

Behind these artworks, there is data: zeros and ones that form part of the skeleton of each piece. It is from here that we build its branding. By showcasing the pieces, supported by the visual identity, it is as if we can see both the face and guts of the artworks themselves.

Thanks to this base, we propose a liquid and mouldable identity that can be adapted to any platform. Whether on a website, a billboard or even on social media, the elements must support the communication, regardless of the medium.

Digital Impact - Visual Identity
Digital Impact - Visual Identity
Digital Impact - Visual Identity