Passion for football in the form of footballs

Football is one of Bancolombia's main territories and a vital unifying force in Colombia. In a year in which the focus is on Qatar, the absence of the Colombian national team leaves all its fans with pent-up emotion. How can the passion for football be reactivated in this audience?

Football permeates the culture of Colombia to the point of becoming the basis of the economy of Monguí, a town in Boyacá that lives from the handmade production of footballs. We decided to create a collection of 5 made in Monguí footballs that, in addition to capturing this essence, would tell the story of different figures of Colombian football. 
This collection represents the pride that football awakens in the country, which is why each ball incorporates one of the words in which we have translated that feeling: "Se nos Hincha el Corazón" (It makes our hearts swell).
Collection: ¨Se nos Hincha el corazón¨
Collection: ¨Se nos Hincha el corazón¨
On a graphic level, each ball iconises one of the legends behind the collection: the strength and joy of a star of women's football -Catalina Usme-, the dedication and passion of El Tigre -Radamel Falcao-, the milestone of one of the most iconic moves in history, the scorpion -René Higuita-, the impenetrability of the goal of one of the most appreciated goalkeepers of the national team -David Ospina-, and the speed and dribbling of one of the most charismatic characters of Colombian football -Juan Cuadrado-.
All the graphic elements with which we created the balls coexist in a series of both static and dynamic pieces (Spot, Print, OOH, intervention in branches, campaign for RRSS...) which, together, make up the design system of the collection, accompanied by the bank's own colour palette and making use of its corporate typography.
Last but not least, to highlight the tradition and legacy of Monguí and the positive impact of the project on the area's economy, a documentary piece is produced that highlights how Colombian football stars, the local artisan industry and Bancolombia have joined forces to create this collection.
Concept idea and art direction: Vasava
Production company: Tonka - Music and sound effects: Simon Smith
Photography: Javier Tles
Football players: Catalina Usme, Radamel Falcao, René Higuita, David Ospina and Juan Cuadrado