The borders of the Bancolombia Group extend beyond Colombia to three other Latin American countries: Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. This dimension is not synonymous with dispersion, but with richness and diversity. This is reflected in various initiatives that revolve around the feeling of belonging and unity within the differences. One of these initiatives is the Bancolombia Group's notebook and calendar, a work tool shared by all employees.

Colombia, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala are four very different countries, with diverse cultural heritages, their own customs and unique ways of understanding life. However, our challenge is to highlight what these countries share and to nurture the conceptual starting point that we define: "All that unites us". Every year we try to find a master key that will allow us to demonstrate this and, in 2023, we will also find it.

Just as in 2022 the unifying key was orchids, in 2023 it was hummingbirds, under the claim "Let's celebrate what unites us".

Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of hummingbirds and with the highest presence of the hummingbird colobri in the world. Panama has 57 species of hummingbirds, El Salvador has more than 25 and in Guatemala, the earwig hummingbird is one of the most common birds. These facts make the hummingbird a beautiful common denominator and the perfect excuse to celebrate all that unites us.

We designed a notebook in which we illustrated six different subspecies of hummingbirds from the four countries. These illustrations - created using only Bancolombia colours - were accompanied by curious facts that allowed the user to learn more about these birds, other illustrations that, almost like a pattern, reveal the immense environment of this tiny species (eggs, nest twigs, feathers...) and stickers that prolong the life of the elements in this notebook beyond itself.

With this type of initiative, Grupo Bancolombia, despite the tiny size of the colobris, makes it possible for the feeling that unites all its employees to grow even bigger.

Let us celebrate what unites us
Let us celebrate what unites us
Let us celebrate what unites us
Let us celebrate what unites us