One single heartbeat

Grupo Bancolombia is one of the leading financial institutions in Latin America. More than 18 million customers and 33,000 employees in Colombia (Bancolombia), Guatemala (BAM), El Salvador (Banco Agrícola) and Panama (Banistmo). It might seem that these stratospheric figures distance this massive structure from its customers. But appearances can be deceiving.

Grupo Bancolombia carries out numerous initiatives to support the economic and sustainable development of all citizens for whom it works on a daily basis.
For this transnational and macro entity, the micro and the everyday are the engines that drive its machinery guided by this mantra: Good (profitable) business is good (for everyone).

How do we manage to transmit this reality in an effective and credible way considering the not exactly positive image that people have of banks?
Bum Bum Bancolombia
The main key in solving this challenge is remembering that, before customers and bankers, we are people. And people are not and do not talk like banks, so we decided to take a human approach:
Each bank had to move from addressing its customers to connecting with them, from being paternalistic, omniscient and only rational, to being closer and more emotional.

What did this human touch translate into?
Into a scientifically proven truth, which Bancolombia could appropriate.
Singers in a choir performing the same melody, or people immersed simultaneously and deeply in the same story, end up synchronising their heartbeats.

Grupo Bancolombia, and all the actions it undertakes through its banks, demonstrates that it’s interested and moved by the same thing that interests, moves and keeps people awake at night. This harmony of thought causes the hearts of Bancolombia and its customers to merge, as if they were singing the same melody, the same beat, a singular Bum Bum.
This concept was articulated through a branded content video in which the message is transmitted through a Poetry Slam (the Poetry Slam is a scenic poetry competition in which the participants or “slammers” have 3 minutes to present texts of their own creation to an audience, who then decides the winner).

Three slammers composed a six-handed poem that tells why bank and clients beat in unison and integrates different stories of real people who exemplify all that the institution does to make this synchronised heartbeat possible.

This poem is illustrated with equally delightful images that embody the message perfectly. Together, image and word touch anyone who sees or hears them.
This piece of just over 2' is complemented by other shorter audiovisual content in a more documentary/interview format in which the protagonists of the real stories of the central piece of the campaign share first hand their stories and experiences that show that the bank and the users have the same concerns.

There are no actors in this campaign. All of the protagonists are real and part of groups such as Bancolombia Diversa, Bus escuela, Compañía de Danza Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Fundación 1+1, Páramo Snacks, Late Chocó, Filarmed, Fundación SIDOC or Asociación de Mercados Campesinos de Calarcá.
Video and documentary clips. 

It didn’t stop there: we were also in charge of defining the pieces that would take their message to television, press, cinemas, OOH media, radio, digital media and social networks.

A massive and ambitious task that translates into a campaign for a bank that doesn’t talk about banks, money, or investments, but about heart, emotions and what banks should be all about:
making sure each person can fulfil their goals and go wherever their heart takes them.
Bum Bum Bancolombia
Bum Bum Bancolombia
Concept, idea and art direction: Vasava
Director: Ida Cuellar - DoP: Carlos Feher - Music: Simon Smith - Production company: Mi Productora
Photography on location: Leila Méndez
Slammer's poetry: LucíaOrozco, Lady Arzayus and Cristian Romero - Poetry coordinator: Adriana Corredor