A vibrant and colorful future.

Creative Cloud is Adobe's service that offers the possibility of accessing all its design and editing programs from the cloud. It is one of the most widely used tools by the creative community. That is why, in a time of such technological evolution as the one we are currently witnessing, Creative Cloud created The Future of Creativity, an exclusive event in which Scott Belsky, executive vice president of Adobe, shared his vision of the next phase of the design revolution.

The Future of Creativity
The Future of Creativity visuals had to be able to represent an idea as abstract as the future of design and creativity. At the same time, they had to capture the attention of the creative community in London, Paris and Berlin, the three cities hosting the event.
We began with a clear idea: the technological challenge we face as creatives is also an opportunity. Following this concept, we created digital landscapes inspired by the organic repetitions of nature. These represent uncertain paths, but at the same time, they are full of color and beauty.
The Future of Creativity
These pieces are the visual identity of the event and they make us see the future of design from an optimistic point of view. They are the protagonists of the promotional video, Adobe's social media content, banners and stands.
The Future of Creativity
So, we made it clear that The Future of Creativity
was a place to discover the exciting path
that all of us creatives will soon be traveling.
The Future of Creativity
The Future of Creativity