Adobe has collaborated with Econsultancy since 2010 in developing and publishing a yearly digital analysis reports called the Digital Trends Report. They start from the notion that data holds the key to create successful Customer Experiences, then Adobe consults over 13.000 creative professionals, from marketing, advertising, e-commerce and IT to get as much data as possible, draw conclusions and make them available to the whole world.

This report ends up becoming an incredibly useful tool for those professionals who need to understand how to offer exceptional experiences to their clients and what is the best strategy and approach to building the digital journey they'll have ahead of them.


The Challenge

Data, data and more data… This word triggers a mental image of density, saturation and - let's admit - laziness, even though all the information that Adobe collects in its report is rich, useful and valuable.

What Adobe asks from us, beyond giving visual identity to the report and the media on which it will live, is to break down these barriers and make the report appealing, easily digestible and shareable. What's more, this time we were asked for a solution that was versatile enough to respond to the structure of this year's report, which sorts information by industries/sectors.

The solution

Adobe's Digital Trends Report is like a clear-cut radiography of the digital landscape, this time divided into six specific industries. To create its identity, we started from this new approach and from the visual territories with which Adobe identifies itself: digital organic forms, precedence of colours and optical inspiration.

As the core, we created an audiovisual piece starring six spheres of different colours with different behaviours: sometimes they merge, sometimes they orbit, sometimes they come together and sometimes they slide over each other. These six "planets", which depict the six industries into which the report is divided, end up coming together in a final megaplanet that is a cube also made from cubic particles.
Based on this world, we created everything that the report required: teaser, survey to collect information from users to complement the report, 3D animations for the website where it can be downloaded (this website was conceived and developed along with The Workshop, a digital agency from Toronto, Canada), communication elements of the report (banners, social media), spot animations, loops of the megacube and customisation of each area of the report.