CXM Space is a half-day event that brings together specialists in digital marketing, creatives, technology profiles and executives from around the world and from different industries. Sydney in 2019 and Amsterdam in 2020 are the settings chosen to immerse you (quite literally) in the Age of the Experience: various speakers from different sectors, disciplines and backgrounds share their know-how and expertise, and invite attendees to comment on the latest trends in customer experience with which to increase your conversion rates, loyalty and ROI.

The Challenge
Adobe got in touch with us to define and implement the visual identity of CXM Space.This project transcends corporate image because CMX Space is much more than an Adobe event: it is conceived as a date with inspiration, innovation and discovery for all its attendees, the world's best specialists and trendsetters in the field of customer experience. It is a customer-centric meeting, and that is where the challenge lies: creating a relevant and attractive visual experience for the most knowledgeable audience in the world.
The Solution
We found a visual formula that allowed us to meet our two main objectives at the same time: respecting the idiosyncrasy of Adobe and its visual equity and being attractive and up-to-date for an especially demanding audience.

The variables that make up this formula are high levels of abstraction, 3D design and animation, a colourful approach and an organic pitch.
With these ingredients we created an artificial, captivating and enveloping paradise, full of colour and harmonious, liquid movements that you almost want to dive head-first into.

This paradise naturally adapted to any environment without losing an iota of power: dynamic and static web markers, animations featuring spheres and cubes that were used in digital media (web and social media), animations for the panoramic screens installed at the event, entrance and exit animations for each presentation, and projections on each of the faces of an immersive cube situated in the physical space of the event where all attendees could enter and immerse themselves in our creation.
Adobe CXM Space
Adobe CXM Space