The Avant Garde of R&B

Spotify has been at the forefront of the Next Gen music revolution. Emerging genres, including alternative and indie R&B, have gained immense popularity, and Vanguard, a playlist dedicated to this sub-genre, is no exception. To amplify its appeal, we crafted a unique visual identity for the playlist.

The goal was to create a connection between the old-school Look and Feel of R&B and the cutting edge style of this new generation of musicians, while revealing an eclectic and progressive imaginary.
By fusing DIY and analogue media elements, including handwriting, photocopies, cut-outs, and vibrant primary colors, we developed a unique visual code that perfectly aligns with the essence of Vanguard.

We incorporated random objects into the artwork to create an unexpected impact and narrative. These elements served as visual metaphors, evoking curiosity and adding depth to the overall aesthetic. We also apply low-resolution grainy textures to ensured that the covers were truly memorable.
Spotify Vanguard
By skillfully combining nostalgia and innovation, we crafted a cohesive and captivating visual code that puts Vanguard at the front line of R&B.
Spotify Vanguard
Spotify Vanguard