A new language for music

*hits different* is a Spotify playlist that, as its name suggests, is in charge of discovering those tracks that hits you in a different way, that makes you feel something different from what the usual beats of the moment usually make you feel.

The main challenge of the *hits different* visuals was to connect with the listening public, using codes that are familiar to all.

The graphic solution we found for this was emoji stickers. For the gen Z, emojis are a form of both physical and digital expression. They communicate what they feel and can be as complex as any other form of language.
Hits Different
That's why we decided to fill the covers, headers and other communication pieces with emojis. In this way, we expressed the main emotions and messages of each of the artists and songs that appear on the cover. Like little emoji haikus that tell the story behind the words.
Hits Different
Hits Different
This way we made *hits different* not only sound different, but also look unique and very typical of the generation that listens to this playlist.