From Medellín to the world.

FINO is a Spotify playlist that features the best reggaeton from Medellín. It needed a sleek and refined identity, like all its hits, to increase the big impact that it already has on its listeners.

We set out to explain the influence that Medellín's reggaeton has had on the world. To do this, we decided that the graphics of the playlist should explain the imaginary opulence that surrounds these artists.
Spotify - FINO
One of the most important trademarks of the genre is sportswear and specifically, the sneakers, which have become an icon, first for hip hop artists and now, for the reggaeton universe.

FINO's identity explores textures and details that reference thos iconic shoes. The lock-up creates the effect of being stitched, as if it were the brand name of the trainers. This detail is combined with leather texture, sweat dots, stripes and a colourful palette.
Spotify - FINO
Spotify - FINO
In this way, FINO reflects the new luxury that characterises the aesthetics of Medellín's reggaeton.
A luxury that is not defined by the rich, but comes straight from the hood.