A nonconformist music scene

"Alternatywna Polska" serves as the quintessential hub for alternative Polish music. The name directly translates to "Alternative Poland," and it not only provides a nurturing space for indie musicians but also caters to the discerning tastes of listeners who crave a deeper dive beyond mainstream Polish music.

It offers a refreshing departure from the musical mainstream, providing a unique soundscape. This genre is characterized by its edgy style and a nonconformist aura that resonates with both the artists and their audience.

To encapsulate these characteristics in our cover design, we drew inspiration from the textures found in nature, incorporating blurred and grainy elements. These textures, combined with organic strokes, were meticulously crafted to create captivating collages, evoking a handmade, indie aesthetic that mirrors the music's essence.
Alternatywna Polska
In alignment with this ethos, we meticulously crafted the lockup by hand, embracing imperfections and uneven strokes to underscore the playlist's originality and its rich diversity of alternative sounds.
Alternatywna Polska
Our work is always designed to seamlessly adapt to various communication channels, ensuring that it maintains its originality and modern appeal.
Thereby encapsulating the blooming alternative music scene emerging from the counterculture in Polska.
Alternatywna Polska
Alternatywna Polska