Santoni is an Italian luxury brand known for its handmade leather shoes and accessories. They released a new collection of sneakers which we have designed.

We gave its visual identity a boost by creating a new symbol that could
represent Santoni's current reality, without losing sight of its background nor the designs that have make them an iconic brand.

That's why we decided to reinterpret the "double buckle", Santoni's undisputed icon. We simplified its silhouette and gave it a new aesthetic use in the sneaker collection, creating a very recognisable look that is unique to the brand.

The abstraction of the double buckle was not only applied to the sneakers, but also became the new corporate print. This element, in addition to an intense colour palette in which orange and blue stand out, make up the new Santoni visual identity, in which the icon is reinvented to continue its legacy.

Reinventing an icon
Reinventing an icon
Reinventing an icon