Spain is where its food is

Restaurants From Spain is a restaurant certification program that promotes the internationalization of Spanish gastronomy and guarantees the quality of all restaurants that are part of it, whether inside or outside of Spain.

We were commissioned to create the Restaurants From Spain identity and award.

Restaurants From Spain

The Challenge

Spanish gastronomy is our wine, our oil, our meat, our seafood, our fruit... But also our way of gathering around the table, our slow fire, our innovation and our proximity. That is why we created the Restaurants From Spain identity with a very clear objective: to explain that Spain is not only in Spain, but wherever its food is.

The Solution

We created a visual language that uses photography to faithfully represent the food. The dishes in the photos were cooked and plated by professionals from the Hoffman School of Hotel Management in Barcelona.
These photos are combined with very synthetic illustrations, which use hands as an allegory of good service, representing gestures of the most recognized dances of Spanish folklore. The background is represented in a stainless gray tone, which transports us to a clean environment, like a kitchen innovation laboratory.
Restaurants From Spain
We also created a slogan that appeals to pride and a sense of community. And that also has the ability to adapt according to the gastronomic elaboration we are talking about, leaving no doubts about the great diversity and richness of our cuisine.
Restaurants From Spain
Among the graphic pieces we designed, it is worth mentioning the certification plaques, which are placed at the entrance of the restaurants and the Restaurants From Spain award. This trophy was designed and printed in 3D and is accompanied by a custom made and designed box, in which the slogan has a very elegant holographic dry hit.
Restaurants From Spain
With all these ingredients, we cooked up a solid and elegant identity, in which the quality of Spanish gastronomy speaks for itself.
Restaurants From Spain
Restaurants From Spain