The emotion that draws us together

If we say derby, what do you feel? To be about to enjoy a match in your city, against your closest rival, is undoubtedly a very special feeling. Derbies are experienced as a battle, but they are also a party that is played at home.

LaLiga wanted to promote the derbies of the 21/22 season by explaining that rivalry is also capable of uniting us. And they wanted to do it through an element shared by all the fans, which is always present in every match: the soccer scarf.
Derbis 2022
In this project, emotion, friendship and rivalry had to coexist in a single space. We wanted to make sure that the competitiveness between teams did not cover up the desire that we all have to enjoy the best soccer. Therefore, our biggest challenge was to symbolize the confrontation, without promoting rivalry behaviors by the two fans.
Derbis 2022
How did we do it? Instead of focusing on what separates us as rival teams, we decided to talk about what always unites us: emotion. This is where the new creative concept for the LaLiga Derbies came from:


Derbis 2022
Derbis 2022
Based on this concept, we developed a spot for each of the derbies (El Derbi de Barcelona, El Derbi Vasco, El Gran Derbi, El Derbi de Valencia and El Derbi de Madrid) in which the fans of both teams were represented by the rival scarves and the city where the derby was played, by its main monuments.

We developed the scripts for each spot together with the guys from La Despensa. In each of them we see how the scarves of both teams fly over the city where the derby is being played, passing through the most representative squares, streets and buildings of the city, until they end up meeting, intertwining and becoming a single flag, which embraces one of the most emblematic monuments of the location where the match is being played. In this way, we not only gave the city hosting the match the importance it deserved, but also made both teams appear as equals.
This project involved an exhaustive work of 3D animation, but also of editing, as it was important to find a balance, that both teams appeared the same amount of time on screen, even matching the number of shots and being very meticulous with the treatment of color, to perfectly represent the duel between equals.

We worked with photographer Javier Tles so that we could represent each location the best way posible.
The designs created were also applied in outdoor communication pieces, such as billboards, mupis at the doors of some shopping malls and even giant scarves to decorate, also in reality, some of the monuments that appeared in the campaign spots.
Derbis 2022
This is how we turned the scarves we use to defend our teams into a way of defending and celebrating a shared emotion, not only with the rest of our team's fans, but also with our rivals.
And in the end, no matter who wins, derbies always manage to excite all LaLiga fans.
Derbis 2022
Derbis 2022